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ROSALIE, Ala. – “I’ve known them my whole life. My family knows their family.”

Everyone in Rosalie knew Justin, April and Jessica. They were a wonderful family to the community. Her memories of Jessica stood out the most.

“Jessica herself that’s one of the, that’s going to make me cry. I told mom you know of all people she done everything right. Did she not? Her whole life. She didn’t smoke, party nothing. She was a good person her whole life,” said Torie Boshears, a friend of the family.

Torie says the storm shelter wasn’t too far from their home. Their grandfather was here and he was the one that broke the news.

“He was sitting there on his phone, and I thought he was checking the weather. And I asked him if it was going to storm again and he said I don’t know. He told he had just found out right then.”

What they found out was devastating, and they were at a loss for words.

“He cried and I cried and I hugged him. I told him I don’t know what to say to you. I mean what do you do. He said that’s okay and I just hugged him and hugged him. And we just sat up there and cried together.”

This a very tough loss for their families and for Rosalie.