Community donations fund more than half of Douglas Police Department’s goal to buy individual first aid kits for each law enforcement officer in Marshall Co.

Northeast Alabama
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DOUGLAS, Ala. — The Douglas Police Department is more than halfway to its goal to get enough community donations to provide each law enforcement official in Marshall County with an individual first aid kit for emergency situations.

Thanks to community donations from all over the area and out-of-state, the Douglas Police Department is a little more than halfway to its goal. “We’ve had a huge support system with this, more than I could ever dream, to be honest with you,” Chief Eric Speight says.

Douglas Police officers started the idea to get community donations to buy enough uniform individual first aid kits for each officer in Marshall County.

The kits cost about $100 dollars each. They include things like tourniquets, compressing bandages, and a blood clotting agent, to be used in an emergency situation.

The department says it has received donations from as far away as California. Now it’s going to start the process of distributing the kits to Marshall County agencies. “We ordered 100 packs right now so we’re waiting on those to come in so we can actually get those out to several departments,” Speight says.

A Douglas Police officer will train those agencies how to use the kits, so every officer in the county is trained the same way.

Now the department is hoping to reach the rest of its goal, and get enough community donations to buy more kits for the rest of the agencies in the county.

Douglas Police say this idea is something they would like to see expand, but for now, the goal is Marshall County. You can find more information on how to donate here.

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