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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) —The Jury in the trial against Jimmy O’Neal Spencer, the man accused of killing three people in Guntersville in 2018, has begun deliberations

The jury began deliberations shortly after 3 p.m. Wednesday after receiving instruction from the judge on the seven capital murder charges in the case

Spencer, 57, is charged in the deaths of Marie Martin, her great-grandson Colton Lee, and her neighbor Martha Reliford in July 2018.

Both the defense and prosecution gave closing arguments Wednesday morning in the case.

In his closing, Marshall County District Attorney Everette Johnson laid out the facts of the case as have been presented over the last week and a half.

He began by telling the jury to remember the victims in the case. While testimony has often been punctuated by graphic images of the scenes and victim, Johnson showed the jury pictures of Martin, Lee and Reliford before their deaths.

He went through the details of how Martin and Lee were found by family and police found Reliford, who had been killed before her neighbor, after responding to the scene.

Johnson said Spencer was connected to the scene through Martin’s missing car.

Johnson said that Spencer then had multiple conversations with police where he apparently confessed to the killings.

He said Spencer told police that he went to Reliford’s house because he needed money and went to Martin’s when the $600 he got from Reliford ran out.

Johnson ended his statement by asking for justice for the victims.

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Defense Attorney Jerry Baker gave a shorter statement asking the jury to carefully consider the evidence and deliberate together.

The Jury is deliberating on a verdict. News 19 investigative reporters will provide the latest updates live from inside the courtroom.

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