City of Arab in design process of downtown renovation project to improve ADA compliancy

Northeast Alabama
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ARAB, Ala. — The city of Arab is in a design process right now, with an end goal to improve the downtown area and make it more handicapped accessible.

With the help of a grant, the city of Arab is working to renovate and improve its historic downtown area. “We’re trying to renovate the downtown area by making a lot of our sidewalks ADA compliant,” Mayor Bob Joslin says.

Joslin says that aspect of the project is much-needed. “We have several sidewalks where it’s just not possible for someone in a wheelchair or handicapped to get around,” Joslin explains, “So we requested a grant and we got that grant.”

So now the city is in the design process, with goals that include improving the sidewalks, moving utility poles and overall improving the look of the area. “It’s $400,000 that we get in grant money and the city puts in $100,000 to go with that, which we included in our current fiscal year budget,” Joslin says, “So we have the funds available, it’s just a matter of getting the design completed and ready to put out on the street.”

The city doesn’t want to hinder any holiday shopping so the plans are to start those improvements around the end of the year. The city is also working to make improvements to aid visitors in more off-street parking, rather than along the main busy thoroughfare.

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