CDC is offering early detection cancer screenings for the low income and uninsured

Northeast Alabama
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – Yearly mammograms are vital, because one in eight women will get breast cancer. With no health insurance, check-ups can be costly. “Most of the women that walk in that don’t have health insurance, they’re coming to you because they felt something,” explained Kay Page, owner of MMI Breast Center.

The CDC developed the breast and cervical cancer early detection program giving those coming from low-income homes a chance to apply for free screenings. “Once they walk in with the voucher, then they’re not billed for anything,” said Page.

Officials at MMI Breast Center in Scottsboro say early detection is what it’s all about when it comes to battling cancer. “A computer-aided detector can see breast cancer sometimes two to four years before human eyes can.”

This center is one of very few in Northeast Alabama accepting these vouchers, and they want those in the community to know they’re available. “We want to find cancer when it’s no bigger than a grain of salt. We want to see it before you feel it.” Catching it early can give you a better chance at beating it all together.

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