Campaign underway to help pet owners comply with Arab’s dog tethering ordinance

Northeast Alabama
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ARAB, Ala. — There’s a campaign to help people in Arab comply with a dog tethering ordinance that went into effect a year ago. The ordinance is meant to promote public safety and animal welfare.

Arab’s dog tethering ordinance for outdoor pets went into effect last January. The Arab Police Department gets calls about noncompliance, something Chief Ed Ralston encourages residents to keep an eye out for.

Under the ordinance, chaining is prohibited along with tethering to a stationary object or a stake. “You have to provide some sort of trolley system that allows them some free roam but yet still confined to an area,” Ralston explained. The dog also has to have a shelter. “They can’t be left in direct sunlight and they have to have food and water.”

The animal control officer will educate the pet owner on the ordinance on the first noncompliance call. The second time it’s a warning, and the third time, a court summons.

But Ralston said some people can’t comply with all of those requirements, so a resident worked with the department to start a campaign to help out.

“We have the donations going to one of our funds here. If someone needs a doghouse or they need a trolley system, if they need anything then we’ll evaluate that and see if we can’t provide it for them.”

If someone needs help meeting the ordinance, they can get in touch with the officers. “They have to call up here and talk with us. We won’t just automatically give it to them. We’ll go out and see what they need and how we can help them, and then we’ll provide what’s necessary,” said Ralston.

The animal control officer will follow up to make sure things are up to standards. You can call the Arab Police Department at 256-586-8124 to make a donation to help out or to request funding.

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