Brownwood Elementary will close permanently after this school year

Northeast Alabama
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – Brownwood Elementary is one of Scottsboro’s oldest schools, opening back in the 1960s. Unfortunately, this community gem will be closing its doors after this school year.

Scottsboro City Schools says it was a tough decision to make. “It was emotional for me as well, since it was my school. I went through all the classrooms and visited where I once went to class,” said Superintendent Jose Reyes.

Due to the decrease in students over the years, they decided to consolidate the schools. “Well the students at Scottsboro City Schools will now all attend the same school depending on what grade they’re in,” explained Reyes.

The closing of Brownwood is touching many hearts in the community. “Each school has its own flavor or personality. They’re all wonderful but Brownwood has always been so family oriented and homey,” said Amy Singletary, a teacher of eight years.

She says the school was a part of her own family for several years. “My children went here so I got to enjoy having them with me.”

Although this transition will be tough emotionally, Scottsboro City Schools is making it an easy one, physically. “We have already assigned teachers to the other schools,” said Reyes. They’re also in the process of creating new bus routes.

As for the old Brownwood building, they plan on still putting it to some sort of use. “We’ve discussed a municipal authority board that would oversee the building and use it for community events,” said Reyes. They’re hoping to keep the Brownwood legacy alive, for all those in the community that treasure the school.

Brownwood will be holding an official closing ceremony for the school on May 18 at 1 p.m.

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