Brindlee Mountain Primary School teachers move in to new classrooms

Northeast Alabama
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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – Wednesday was move-in day for Brindlee Mountain Primary School teachers.

After an EF-2 tornado destroyed their school on Saturday, Jan. 11, they have been working to get everything together to move into Brindlee Mountain high and elementary schools.

They spent all day Wednesday lifting and hauling what they could into what may be their new classrooms for the next year or so.

“We are so thankful the rain has held off long enough for get those kinds of things done,” said Marshall County School Superintendent Dr. Cindy Wigley. “It looks much like it does in the summer months when you have furniture in the hallways and materials everywhere.”

Pre-K teachers and students will make their new home at the elementary school, while kindergarten through second grade teachers are setting up shop at Brindlee Mountain High School.

“It’s devastating and overwhelming,” said first-year kindergarten teacher Morgan Garrison. “I have 18 kindergartners wondering what’s going to happen next.”

Garrison was back from a shopping spree after lunch. The school district gave each kindergarten and first grade teacher $500 to spend on school supplies and décor.

Garrison told WHNT News 19 that moving in makes her hopeful for what’s next.

“It’s been teamwork, teamwork. Those of us who lost everything are overwhelmed by the support we’re getting from our coworkers. We’re tired and exhausted but we’re moving forward,” added Garrison.

“They for a long time had the motto, ‘we are one’, and that’s true. They are showing that today and throughout the week,” said Wigley.

Between the move, the Martin Luther King holiday, two teacher works days, and an open house for parents, students may not be able to get back to class until January 27th, 2020.

There are specific regulations on how the school can accept money, so if you do have a fundraiser or want to donate, you can put that money into the account at either Citizens Bank and Trust or through the United Way. That money will be given to the teachers to pay for classroom and student supplies.

Click here for more donation information.

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