Boaz police officers issue “Good Morning cards” to businesses they check up on

Northeast Alabama

BOAZ, Ala. – Some Boaz business owners found a new note on their doors when they came in to open up shop recently.

For years, Boaz police officers have patrolled neighborhoods and businesses after hours.

“Usually three, four times a week, I’ve got a Boaz police car that just cruises through my parking lot real slow, sometimes they get out and check the doors,” said Sand Mountain Brokerage, LLC owner Patrick Bright.

Now, though, they are leaving what are called “Good Morning cards” behind, which let business owners know that an officer swung by to keep an eye on things.

“This was just a way to have something tangible that the business owners could see in the morning and know ‘hey, that they did come by and they did check on my business and checked on my investment, and just a way to let them know we care about their investment and we want to make sure that it’s protected,” said Boaz Police Chief Josh Gaskin.

“I feel a lot better knowing that I’ve got these guys and ladies out here taking care of my property when I’m not here. it shows my tax dollars are really working hard,” added Bright.

Bright told News 19 he found one on his door Tuesday morning.

He explained on Wednesday that he is appreciative of the department’s efforts to deter crime in Boaz.

“1:10 in the morning, I’m sound asleep, comfortable in my bed. If anything had been stolen or vandalized here, I wouldn’t have known it until the next morning, but, hey, they were here preventing that from happening. and that means a whole lot to a small business because one theft can really set you back greatly,” said Bright.

He said car sales businesses in outlying areas have experienced several thefts of catalytic converters in the recent weeks.

He originally thought luck or the installation of security cameras were why his establishment has not been targeted.

However, he now believes the presence of officers played a key role in the prevention.

Gaskin said officers will periodically and randomly check on the businesses at night and leave the cards.

“No real rhyme or reason as to where they’ll go, but the more we’re seen the better off I feel that we are in deterring crime,” added Gaskin.

While not every business will get a card due to costs, the officer will call it in to dispatch for record keeping purposes.

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