Boaz Police officers greet elementary students at the door for their first days back

Northeast Alabama
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BOAZ, Ala. — Boaz Police officers were part of an operation Thursday morning that didn’t involve arrests or crime, but it did involve some of the smallest people in their community.

Boaz Police officers waited outside Corley Elementary School on Thursday. Slowly, cars started to inch their way through the line. One by one, the smallest of the people the officers swore to protect and serve made their way to the doors for the first week of school. On the way, they got a hello, a high-five, and a wish to have a good day from the officers.

“We enjoy it as much if not more than the kids do,” Chief Josh Gaskin said, “We just want to be out involved in our community. It’s something that we’ve really tried to focus on over the last few years.”

This wasn’t the first day the officers were out in force. They were there on the students’ first day back, too. It’s the first year the department has done this.

“We’ve been able to get the dispatchers involved, the corrections officers, they’ve been able to come over and help out with it,” Gaskin said, “We just want to make sure that the kids, and the parents, and the teachers know that we are here.”

Something as small as a hello and high-five for the first week of school goes a long way.

“It really is fun just seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces,” Gaskin said.

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