Boaz Police Department’s new donated therapy dog has a name, thanks to some kids

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BOAZ, Ala. -- The newly donated Boaz Police Department therapy puppy has a name, and it's thanks to some elementary school students.

A few weeks ago when we introduced you to a tiny, white, fluffy puppy at the Boaz Police Department, she didn't have a name.

The two elementary schools in Boaz had a competition. Each class picked a name to submit, and the department picked one. The winning class would get a pizza party with the officers and with the puppy.

"We approved from the choices that we had from Corley Elementary School here in Boaz," Deputy Chief Rusty Rowan said, "Mrs. Nicholson's third-grade class picked the winning name."

And that was... Lucy. Aptly chosen, in our opinion. "We're not able to go anywhere in Boaz now for meetings, or lunch, or anything else, even out on calls, without people asking about Lucy. She's becoming pretty popular in Boaz." Rowan said.

The donated puppy stays at the department during the day and goes home with Rowan at night. Eventually, the plan is to have her at the police department 24/7.

Rowan said they'd been in touch with the schools, nursing homes, the hospital, and funeral homes in the area to see if the dog can be of help in those places. "She'll also be available in the community when we have situations maybe that involve children, whether it be car accidents, or any type of criminal activity when we have to deal with children," he added.

Lucy will also be there for the officers. "We like to put on the persona of being tough and being untouchable as far as emotions and things getting to us, but the reality is the things that we deal with during the day we have to take home sometimes in the evening. This gives us a break from that," Rowan explained.

"She's been more active with the officers here and the people who come in and out for court and different things like that. We have her in the jail facility from time to time."

"We're trying to make her available to everybody in the community who may be able to just benefit from her presence or her being there," Rowan added.

They set some guidelines for her interaction out in the community. "Some strict guidelines, because of time constraints and because of her activity. Obviously, in her trying to help relieve some stressful situations for other people, she takes on some of that stress herself, so we try to be a little restricted in what we can and can't do with her," Rowan said. Also - she's still a puppy.

You can send a private message to the Boaz Police Department Facebook page with the criteria below included to request a short visit from Lucy. The department posted these criteria to its Facebook page:

1. The individual MUST live inside Boaz city limits.

2. The individual MUST be available between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

3. The individual cannot have any contagious illness or disease.

4. The individual SHOULD NOT have any other animals in the home.

5. We will ONLY visit with 3 individuals during the next 2 weeks.

6. Only names given to us via PRIVATE MESSAGE will be considered.

7. We WILL NOT advertise who has been selected or when we will make the visit.

8. Questions regarding the visit cannot be answered, please only give the requested information.

1. Individual's name

2. Individual's address

3. Individual's phone number (or other contact)

4. Reason you believe a visit would benefit the individual

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