BOAZ, Ala. (WHNT) — The streets of Boaz are a little safer now, thanks to a generous donation of two police K9s, says Michael Hempel, Assistant Chief of Boaz Police.

K9 Vixen is a female Belgian Malinois that was donated by Boaz City Councilman Josh Greer.

K9 Borik is a male Black Labrador that was donated by Retired State Fire Marshal and part-time Boaz Police Officer Ray Cumby.

The Marshall County Legislative Delegation, businesses in Boaz and private citizens all donated to help cover the cost of training the two new K9 teams, Hempel says. Both teams were trained and certified by Highland Canine Training, LLC.

Sgt. Benefield and K9 Borik
(Boaz Police Department)

Sergeant Seth Benefield will be K9 Borik’s handler. The pair are certified in scent discriminate trailing and narcotics detection.

Patrolman Skylar Kennedy will be K9 Vixen’s handler and are certified in scent discriminate trailing, narcotics detection and apprehension.

Both K9 units finished their certifications on July 1 and are now on patrol throughout the city. Already, Hempel says both teams have made seized large amounts of drugs in the past week.

Boaz Police Department’s last K9 Jax retired on March 15, 2022, at 10 years old. Hempel says Jax now lives the spoiled life with his handler Jarrod Davis.

Patrolman Skylar Kenhedy with K9 Vixen (left) and Sergeant Seth Benefield with K9 Borik (right).
(Boaz Police Department)

Hempel tells News 19 that the department owes a big thanks to the City of Boaz, Boaz City Council, Councilman Josh Gree, Ray Cumby and everyone who helped make the K9 program possible along the way.