Big Rig Loses Control On Scottsboro Overpass

Northeast Alabama
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We warn you about the dangers of overpasses in winter weather all the time.  you can see why just by looking at what happened on a Scottsboro overpass Tuesday afternoon.

Most residents of Scottsboro navigated puddles of water more than sheets of ice by that time.

Perhaps gliding along so easily, created a false sense of security.

Lt. Scott Matthews of the Scottsboro Police Department says, “These overpasses, even though these highways and some of the other roads have become clear and pretty driveable right now, these overpasses sometimes still stay slick.”

A little too much confidence behind the wheel of one big rig may have caused the wreck.

Matthews explains, “He was coming across the overpass on Highway 72, coming across Broad Street, and it’s still kind of slick up there.  And he lost control, bounced off the guard rail and ended up going down the embankment.”

Most of the time when first responders show up to a big rig wreck, it means bad news.  In this case the behemoth vehicle actually saved some trouble.

Matthews notes, “If that would have been a car, we would have had a rollover, I’m sure.”

Any way you look at it, this near disaster floats a reminder for all.

Matthews adds, “You never know when something may freeze up just that quick, and next thing you know, you’re sideways going down the highway.”

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