At Least 20 Cases Of Debit And Credit Card Fraud In Scottsboro

Northeast Alabama
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- It's a situation where your card isn't stolen, but your card number is.

Scottsboro Police say they've seen at least 20 of these cases in the last ten days, and they say that's a fraction of how many cases they think there are.

Those 20 cases are just the number of people who have filed a report with Scottsboro Police. Officers say they think there's quite a few other people who haven't.

They say when the cards are swiped, a device scans the number. The scammer takes that number and puts it on a new card.

Then they spend the money on it.

Detective Scott Matthews says usually in this type of case the card number is used out of state. This time though, he says the card numbers have been used from Arab to Huntsville.

He says the problem is, it's hard to pinpoint how the scammer is getting ahold of them.  "There's a lot of different ways. So right now we're unsure where or how, it's got to be something tied in locally."

Detective Matthews says to protect yourself, pay attention to your accounts. "Daily check your bank accounts, make sure there's not any odd transactions taking place."

He says if you do notice unusual activity, call your bank right away.

Since several card numbers have turned up in Huntsville, Scottsboro police are working with officers there to investigate.

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