Asbury High School holds its first Prom Promise

Northeast Alabama
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ASBURY, Ala. -- Asbury High School students got a sobering look at what can be reality Thursday as the school put on its first Prom Promise.

Two vehicles lay mangled outside Asbury High School. 'Smoke' filled the air. Students, with bloodied clothes and faces, stayed motionless inside the cars and on the ground. They remained that way as sirens screamed to the scene. Deputies and firefighters swarmed from their response vehicles.

"Even though this is fake it can actually happen. It happens every 53 minutes," said student actor Magaly Garcia.

She and the other students involved in the simulation hope that message sticks. This is the school's first Prom Promise and the students involved hope it makes an impression. "Just trying to let the kids know that you should not drive drunk. If anything, you should call your parents, call anyone else," Garcia said.

The Marshall County Sheriff's Office, Asbury Volunteer Fire Department, and Marshall Medical Centers helped with the demonstration.

Another message the students in the simulation want to get across to their peers is there are consequences to deadly actions. "Once you get in that car and you go out, this is reality for some people," Garcia adds.

As the simulation progresses, the rest of the students look on as a deputy does field sobriety on the 'driver', who fails. He is carted off in handcuffs. A sheet is placed over Garcia as she lies still on the ground. The firefighters break out tools and the sound of twisting metal filled the air. Another sheet goes over a student in the car. Finally, a helicopter lands, and another of the 'injured' is taken away.

"Don't drive drunk because things like this can happen. Maybe not to you, but it can happen to someone else," Garcia said.

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