Asbury area township process moving forward

Northeast Alabama
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ASBURY, Ala. (WHNT) -- The process to turn the Asbury area into a town is months in the making and organizers are looking to move forward.

The process started with community meetings and a petition. Right now that petition is undergoing a  validity process.

"Just making sure the signatures are good, and then when that's checked out it will go to the Probate judge's hand," says resident organizer Albert Childress.

If all is approved by appropriate entities, the next move would most likely be to call community meetings. "Let everybody have their input whether they're against it or for it, what their reasoning is," Childress explains, "Then probably move into a March first election."

With work on Double Bridges already underway organizers say they want to move quickly on the township process, because they say once that bridge is in place it's going to open up doors for growth and development in the area.

The goal is to turn the two one-lane bridges on Martling Road into one long bridge that can hold heavier transport trucks and traffic. Organizers say their goal for this township process is to have some control over that growth and development, and to have opportunities afforded with the title of a town.

"A lot of people I think have the opinion that the township is just for a big tax deal, but that's furthest from our minds," Childress says, "We're not interested in the taxes, we just would like to keep our community as near as possible as it is today."

If all is approved the community meetings would be in the next two months.

The cost of the election is estimated around $2,000, which would have to be done using donations.

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