Asbury area township process moves forward

Northeast Alabama
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ASBURY, Ala. – The process to turn the Asbury area of Marshall County into a town has taken its next step.

The county’s Probate Office is overlooking the information needed for the process. If all is approved and the last steps are completed, residents can expect a vote.

“It looks like we will probably vote on it this fall,” resident organizer Albert Childress said. “We were hoping to go this April, but there’s just not enough time to get all of the legal work in.”

Childress says any vote will most likely coincide with the main election, but on a separate ballot. “Since it’s a township, it will have to be a complete separate election. It will have its own voting booth, its own workers,” Childress explains.

The Double Bridges project is underway, and has been for months. It’s Marshall County’s biggest project to date, and county officials say it’s going to open a lot of doors for new growth in the area. Childress says that is a reason why they want to develop this township, saying that would allow potential leaders to govern that new growth.

“That’ll be good, to have new growth, but we just want to keep it in check and keep our community like it is today as near as possible,” Childress said.

Organizers say existing structures and land will not be subject to any potential changes that result if the township becomes a reality.

The community would have to pay for the potential election, but that cost isn’t determined yet.

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