Arab’s one cent sales tax increase funding is backing paving, infrastructure projects

Northeast Alabama
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ARAB, Ala. — The city of Arab is working to improve every paved street in its limits in addition to other infrastructure improvements with funds that stem from its one cent sales tax increase.

A one cent sales tax increase was passed in Arab in 2013. The city has 110 miles of paved roads in its limits. “Since July of ’13 that we passed the sales tax … at the end of this month we’ll have 80 miles of that 110 repaved, so we’ve made tremendous progress in getting our streets paved,” Mayor Bob Joslin says.

There is a phase of that paving going on right now, and those improvements are expected to continue. Joslin says the funds for the paving improvements stem from that additional tax, and that money can also be used on other infrastructure projects. “Our next plan for the sales tax, which was passed for infrastructure, we plan to make some more sidewalk improvements around town,” Joslin explains, “We have several sidewalks that are broken up and tree roots have pushed them up, and they’re not really safe for people to walk on.”

The goal is to improve the overall look of the city to help recruit new business and growth. “When you’re trying to track retail or industry or even people to come live in your community, you have to make your community look appealing for them to want to come here, and that’s what we’re trying to do,” Joslin says.

Once this round of paving is done, the city hopes to start the next phase later this year. “Every street in Arab will be paved and hopefully we can do that before the end of the year,” Joslin says.

The city is also working to improve the look of rundown properties throughout the area.

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