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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) — Arab Police arrested a man who they say admitted to stealing mail to get personal information with the intent to use it to apply for a credit card under that person’s name.

A concerned citizen called Arab Police about a suspicious man walking around a neighborhood near 231 and Union Hill Road. “Our officers went in the area and did locate a male identified as Robert Davis,” Assistant Chief Shane Washburn says.

Officers say Davis was carrying  mail. “He admitted to taking mail out of mailboxes. He said his intent was to use the information for identity theft to possibly gain credit cards in other people’s names,” Washburn explains, “You know how you get a lot of mail from the credit cards that will have your information in there, so basically he had all the information he needed to fill that out in somebody else’s name.”

Police say Davis planned on sending any applications he could find back and having the credit card in someone else’s name sent to him.

Arab Police say unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. They say there are some steps you can take to prevent this from happening to you. “One thing you can do is get a mailbox that locks. You can also get a post office box. It goes straight to the post office and no one can tamper with that,” Washburn says.

Police say a concerned resident stopped more thefts from happening and keeping an eye on your neighborhood is key in not becoming a victim.

Officers returned all of the stolen mail to the victims.

The department is asking residents who think their mail was tampered with to contact the department.