Arab Police: Man found by officers passed out in street accused of peering into windows & burglary

Northeast Alabama
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ARAB, Ala. — A man is in jail facing multiple charges in Arab, but when he was arrested officers, found him passed out in a street.

The situation started with a call to Arab Police. The woman said a man  was peering into windows of her home. “She tries to communicate with him and he basically tells her he’s looking for a guy named Charlie,” Assistant Chief Shane Washburn says.

There wasn’t anyone named Charlie who lived at the home so the woman called Arab Police

Washburn says officers headed out to the area, which was on Second Avenue. “We get out there onto Second Avenue and we found the individual, the suspect, passed out in the road. We identify him as Stevie Wildman and we arrest him for public intoxication,” Washburn explains.

Meanwhile though, back at the station, another situation unfolds. “Another neighbor from an adjoining house in the area comes into us, and advises us that her house was burglarized,” Washburn explains, “That they came in and took some prescription medication and some other things.”

Investigators found some of those items on Wildman. “So at that point we believe that he also burglarized the house that was in the area,” Washburn explains, “So after speaking with investigators we are also going to be charging him with burglary as well.”

Police are investigating if this situation is just exclusive to that area or of there is more.

Washburn believes alcohol and perhaps prescription medication had a hand in why Wildman passed out in the street. “He was very lucky that he wasn’t run over being right in the middle of the roadway, because there is a lot of traffic down there,” Washburn says.

Wildman is facing at least two charges and is being held in the Arab jail. He will be taken to the Marshall County Jail for his burglary felony charge.

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