Arab Police Department is encouraging residents to take advantage of its prescription medication drop off

Northeast Alabama
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ARAB, Ala. — The Arab Police Department is working to make the community aware of its prescription medication drop off program.

“We have a drug prescription drop off box here at the office and basically what it is, anytime night or day someone can bring unused prescriptions to our department and dispose of them there in the box,” Assistant Chief Shane Washburn says.

The department disposes of them properly. Washburn says they don’t want those unwanted drugs sitting at homes in the reach of children or flushed. “We prefer for you not to bring liquids, but if you bring liquids please make sure those are in a ziplock bag and they’re sealed tight so they don’t leak out while they’re in the container,” Washburn explains, “Definitely no needles. We don’t want any needles.”

The program is no questions asked. “We don’t take any information from you, we don’t ask where you got them, we don’t ask how long you’ve had them, we don’t even ask if they’re yours. All we want to do is take the prescription drugs and make sure they’re disposed of properly,” Washburn says.

This program is run all year round, but Washburn says a lot of people don’t realize that program is in place. Arab Police is trying to get the word out about this opportunity because prescription medications lead to a lot of the department’s arrests.

“Prescription pills is a bad addiction right now,” Washburn says, “It’s one of our worst crimes that we see as far as drugs, people abusing those prescription drugs, so we want to take as many of those off the street as we can so they don’t fall into wrong hands.”

Anyone with unwanted prescription medications is asked to come to the side door of the Arab City Hall, where the police department is. You’re asked to put all of the medications into a bag. They can be dropped off at any time.

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