Arab neighborhood wants to see something done about speeders

Northeast Alabama
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ARAB, Ala. — There’s only one speed limit sign on the road to Arab Junior High and the people who live down there want to see more.

Kimberley Hickok and her family live off of Highway 69 on Old Cullman Road Southwest, and when people drive past their house, she says it’s like they never got off the highway.

“We have excessive speeding day, middle day, and evening for about as long as I’ve lived here,” Hickok explained.

Her kids walk to Arab Junior High School.

“I would like to see it taken seriously because our dog was accidentally killed and I don’t want it to be one of our children,” she added.

There is a speed limit sign near the highway, along with a bright yellow school zone marker. Those two make up the only signage telling drivers of the speed limit and what’s down the road.

That’s what Hickok and her neighbors want to see changed. “I have contacted the mayor and the chief of police and they were very quick to respond and they did address it,” Hickok said, “I went to the City Council meeting.”

Nothing done has been permanent, though. That’s something Mayor Bob Joslin and Police Chief Ed Ralston are working to change. “We’ve talked with the manufacturing plants that are there, Progress Rail, Arab Cartage, the school, so everybody’s aware that there’s an issue there,” Ralston said, “We will try to help and slow that traffic down.”

He said officers patrol the area, but they can’t be there 24/7.

Mayor Joslin said they’ve gathered data from a speed monitoring device. They plan to speak with vendors about solar-powered, flashing signs at an upcoming Alabama League of Municipalities conference. He added creating a crosswalk is an option. More signage denoting the speed limit is also on the table.

Hickok said with their kids’ safety on their minds, she and her neighbors will be happy to see something done to slow drivers down, sooner rather than later.

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