Arab Man Says He Was Duped By Jackson County Facebook Post

Northeast Alabama
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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT)-- Dale Mullens says he was in need of a utility trailer to haul his lawnmower.   The Arab man and Iraq War veteran says he saw a post on the Jackson County Buy, Sale and Trade Facebook page for a trailer.

"We seen an ad on Facebook for a utility trailer," he says. " And the guy said it was his grandfathers."

The post was by someone named "Justin Stover," a name Mullens would later find out was fake.   "Stover" had a trailer he said was worth $800 he was willing to sale for $400.

Mullens and a friend met "Stover" and another man at a trailer park in Scottsboro.  Mullens says he inspected the trailer, had "Stover" write him out a bill of sale and then Mullens handed the man 400 dollars.

Then he says all four started trying to hitch the trailer up to take back to Arab.   But he says the noise alerted neighbors across the street who came outside.

"Them two boys jumped in that car they had and they took off.   So I was like, what's going on here?"

Mullens says the neighbor came out, looked at the trailer and told him it actually belonged to them.   Mullens called Scottsboro Police who came to the scene.   The officer noticed that "Stover" had actually made a critical error.  He had signed his real name to the bill of sale.

Scottsboro Police say that "Justin Stover" is actually Traun Evans.   Investigators say they know Evans well.   He was arrested Tuesday.   But they are still looking for the man they say helped Evans carry out the scam, Derek Chapman.

"They are so brazen that they stole it from the neighbor across the street and sold it to me right in front of their house," Mullens says.

He realizes he will likely never see his $400 again, but he says that doesn't matter.

"They took my Christmas.  I want them to sit in jail."

He says he will never buy anything off of a Facebook page again.

"Be extremely aware of what you buy on Facebook and or on Craigslist.  Take a friend with you.  Thank goodness I took a witness with me that could back up my story 100 percent.  Thank goodness the owners of the trailer were really nice people because had I drove off with their trailer I would have stole their trailer."

Evans is charged with Theft and a warrant for theft has been issued for Chapman.

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