Annual ‘Easter Run’ on Bingham Mountain Canceled After Property Owners Complain

Northeast Alabama
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TRENTON, Ala. (WHNT) - It's been an annual tradition along the Madison-Jackson County line for the past 15 years.   The 'Easter Run' involves trucks attempting to climb a rock face on top of Bingham Mountain.

"It's grown into something that the land owners are tired of," Jackson County Sheriff Chuck Phillips told us.   "It's all private property.  Once you leave the paved road it's private property. "

Many people contacted WHNT News 19 to say they're upset that the run won't happen this year.  However, Sheriff Phillips says there's nothing that can be done about it.

"Not every single landowner but the association with the majority of the landowners has contacted me here in Jackson County and also contacted the Madison County Sheriff's office that they want these people to stop trespassing on their property because they are doing so much damage," said Sheriff Phillips.

The sheriff says it's not only property damage, but there have also been other problems associated with the run, including burglaries of hunting cabins.

"We've had one small child that was killed a few years ago.  We had a shooting.  Last year we had a bad wreck," said Phillips.

Some of those who contacted WHNT News 19 claimed the property isn't private property but belongs to the Tennessee Valley Authority.   We contacted TVA officials and they confirmed the land is private property.

"These people that have responded to us in a negative way do not understand that these property owners have rights," Sheriff Phillips said.  "And if they say you can't come on to their property then you're violating the law and you are subject to trespassing arrest."

Phillips says his office and the Madison County Sheriff's Office are coordinating a plan to deal with anyone who decides to violate the "No Trespassing" signs that have been placed in the area by the landowners.

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