Albertville residents fed up with drainage issues they say are caused by Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater

Northeast Alabama

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – Crumbling driveways and yards is what some Albertville residents are dealing with.

Some Leyland Drive residents tell News 19 they are fed up with flooding caused by drainage issues from the new Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater.

“Since the rec center has gone in, they just drain it all into one place in this little creek and it just really runs hard and fast down through here,” said Susan Click.

Click’s mother is in her 80s and has lived on Leyland Drive for 20 years.

“It has at least doubled, if not tripled the amount of water that we get down here. This drainage creek was not designed to handle all of that extra runoff. If you’re going to overload the system, you need to fix the system. The rec center has brought a lot of positive things to our area and I think that’s wonderful but they need to fix the behind-the-scenes issues it has caused,” said 12-year-resident Kaye Ledrew.

Click says the recent flooding caused her mother’s driveway to crumble and nearly wash away.

“We were told it was fixing to cave in on us. It was going to collapse when somebody drove across it,” Click added.

The price tag on the repairs is more than $10,000.

Ledrew moved into the quiet subdivision 12 years ago.

“My fence is right here and at this rate, it’s not going to take very long for my fence to be down here in this drainage ditch,” Ledrew explained.

The impacted residents say they have gone to city council to get help, but are told since it is private property, the city is not responsible.

They would like to block the creek but tell News 19 they were told they could not do that either.

“You either help me fix the problem or you let me do what I need to do on my land to fix the problem. The more I talk about it, I get mad. I get more frustrated, I feel like we’ve run around in circles,” Ledrew said.

“It’s the city’s problem with the drainage. They didn’t do that right. I don’t know how they should have fixed it, but they should have looked into it and did something else,” Click said.

They believe the problem will only get worse if the city does not step in.

Lewdrew and Click say they want to be reimbursed for the repairs.

They also want the city to install a retaining pond at the park with a pump diverting some of the excess water into the sewer system.

Albertville Mayor Tracy Honea says the creek overflowing has been an issue before the Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater came to fruition.

He tells News 19 that there is still civil engineering work being done at the new facility, so they will look into the area and see if there is any way they can fix the flooding issues for those living on Leyland Drive.

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