Albertville Police say argument leads to shot fired, theft, search for person involved

Northeast Alabama
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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Albertville Police are looking for the man they say fired a shot at another, stole more than $2,000 and took off.

Police say this happened early Thursday morning near Turnpike Road in Albertville.

Chief Doug Pollard says the department got a call about a prowler in the area. “When officers got over there there was a guy beating on the door, claiming he had been shot at,” Chief Pollard says, “When police responded over there, what it turned out to be was two guys got into a heated argument where one of them pulled a weapon, fired a round off, and then left.”

Chief Pollard says the man took off after stealing $2,500.

Officers say the other person involved is not harmed.

The only description officers have is the vehicle the person was driving was a dark SUV.

Officers are looking for that individual now.

Chief Pollard says it’s not clear what prompted the argument. Officers say there were several witnesses involved, but there is conflicting information as to what happened. Investigators hope to know more as they start conducting interviews.

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