Albertville police officers react to citywide pay scale survey

Northeast Alabama
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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – Pay can play a big part in a person’s job search. The Albertville City Council is currently making sure its employees are where they need to be to land new hires.

Members have ordered a pay scale study on all city employees, including police officers.

“To ensure we’re being competitive and we’re paying a person what he’s worth for what he does,” said Albertville Assistant Police Chief Butch Cartee.

It’s something Cartee told WHNT News 19 has been in the works for a while.

“Our council has been working on it so it just came together recently, I’m thinking the last few months,” said Cartee. “It’s part of the process of growing the city. They realize as this city grows, public safety’s got to grow and it’s just that big process of bringing this city forward.”

Cartee said across the country, fewer and fewer people are applying to be police officers.

“What we’re seeing today is not as many people have a servant’s heart, and that’s what you got to have to be a police officer and a fireman,” Cartee said. “You have to have a servant’s heart. You have to want to go out into the community and make it better.”

Right now, Cartee said an uncertified officer just starting out with the Albertville Police Department would make about $25,000 to $26,000 a year.

He told WHNT News 19 that a certified officer would make around $29,000.

Jacksonville State is collecting the data and comparing it to cities similar to Albertville.

Cartee said he is optimistic about the city’s growth and how that could impact employee pay.

The Albertville Police Department has three open patrol officer positions. The former employees are now in the trooper academy.

Cartee told WHNT News 19 that he expects the positions to be filled within the next few months.

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