Albertville Police offer Halloween safety tips to preschoolers

Northeast Alabama
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ALBERTVILLE-Ala. – Members of the Albertville Police Department were out in the community Wednesday to teach preschoolers at Village School ways to stay safe on Halloween.

Assistant Chief Butch Cartee encouraged the little ones to wear costumes with some type of reflective material so they’re more visible.

He also told them to make sure their parents check their treats before eating them and to never go into someone’s house while out trick-or-treating.

Cartee and some of the kids also practiced walking in groups with an adult.

“This day and time, we have a lot this world has changed since I was younger,” said Cartee. “Children need to be more careful, parents need to be more diligent in watching their children. Be with your kids, look at the candy before they eat it. Use a lot of common sense because there’s a lot of evil out on the world and we need to be careful with our precious children.”

After the discussion, department members gave the children treat bags with stickers and candy before getting hugs and saying goodbye.

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