Albertville Police holds active shooter drill at AHS

Northeast Alabama
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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Albertville Police department is educating parents, teachers and their own team by holding an active shooter drill.

Dozens of responders, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and volunteer students milled in and out of Albertville High School Monday afternoon.

The scenario – a student shooter inside the school.

It’s a harsh idea, but it’s one that can become a reality anywhere, and the Albertville Police Department is working to prepare for that unthinkable situation.

But this drill isn’t just for the department and other responders.”To help teachers understand what to do in case something like this was to happen here, it also trains the police officers on what to do,” Chief Doug Pollard says.

Teachers, parents, faculty and the public got a change to watch the drill. Chief Pollard says the department is using this to show all of them how they will respond in case of such an emergency. “If they have any questions about this we’ll be able to answer some questions,” Chief Pollard says. “A lot of parents don’t understand why they see all the police cars out in front of the school , we can educate them not to go through busting through the door, let us handle what’s going on in there and then we’ll come out and we’ll have staging areas for everybody.”

The department holds a drill at each city school at least twice a year.

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