ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A seventh-grade Albertville Middle School teacher is now a published author.

Erika Amos created ‘Maxine’ a few years ago when she was teaching third grade.

At the time, the class was working on fairy tales and creative writing. They bounced around a few ideas and landed on their class story being about a dragon that always gets left behind once the princess gets rescued. When the class went back to create their own stories, that’s when Amos created “Maxine.”

Maxine is a princess who is trapped in a tower, waiting for someone to save her. The readers aren’t sure of what Maxine looks like until the end where we find out she’s a pretty pink dragon. 

Princess Maxine learns to believe in herself and realizes that she can save herself and fly away. She teaches children to believe in themselves and realize their own potential. 

Amos tells News 19 that this short story is all about believing in yourself and achieving your dreams.

“I went home and told the story to my kids. They loved it. I love the short bedtime stories because their attention span is about as long as mine. Once I realized how much they loved it…my personal children…I had to put it on paper,” replied Amos. 

Amos tells us she is planning to write another book.

“Maxine” is available now on Amazon, and she’s hoping in January the book will roll out at Walmart, Target, and a few other big-name stores.