Albertville clinic gives away free surgical masks

Northeast Alabama
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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. –  Outside the Box Healthcare is helping the community stay safe during the
ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Employees spent Wednesday giving out 500 free surgical masks to anyone who needs them.

The owner Robin Scott told WHNT News 19 she had the idea after seeing a lot of people not wearing masks and found out that was because they don’t know where to get them.

She said while six-foot social distancing is helpful, wearing masks are equally as important.

“When someone speaks, they can emit these droplets if they have the COVID virus, and because they’re so light they kind of stay in the air a little bit before they drop to the ground and that’s why mask is so important. Even though 6 feet is great and helps a lot. The masks, if you’re walking right behind someone it may still be in the air where you can consume it into your nose or your mouth,” said nurse practitioner and Outside the Box Healthcare owner Robin Scott.

If a person was unable to come get a mask today, they can always call and have an employee bring one to their vehicle.

If someone would like a free surgical mask, call (256) 907-9700 and they will bring one out to the caller’s vehicle.

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