Albertville City Schools Foundation finds a creative way to fund-raise

Northeast Alabama
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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – The Albertville City Schools Foundation usually awards over $30,000 to teachers and children in need of school supplies and they’re trying to find a new way to raise money for the foundation.

A former board member, Stacey Waldrep, said they’ve held numerous fundraisers over the years, but they’ve been looking for something a little more stable.

So they got creative and designed a car tag.

“As far as I know, this will be the first K-12 school foundation that has got a specialty tag like the Auburn, Alabama tags,” said Waldrep.

The specialty car tags will raise money for the foundation, and allow fans to show their Aggie school spirit.

Tuesday morning Waldrep says he went with another board member to Montgomery to get the tag approved.

“They asked us what do we do, what does the foundation do, what other fundraisers do we do… And once we went through that they approved,” said Waldrep.

He said it took over a year to design the tag and go through the application process.

Once he found out the tag was approved he went to Facebook and made a quick post that got over 200 shares within just a few hours.

He said he couldn’t believe it.

“I was very surprised, I mean not only can it lead to the foundation getting extra funds but it shows our school spirit,” said Waldrep.

He says the Aggie tag will cost $50 more than a regular tag, but for the tag to become reality, everyone has to come together to support it.

“August 1st we’ll be able to start pre-ordering tags and before it becomes a real tag, we’ve got to get at least have 1,000 pre-orders,” explained Waldrep.

Waldrep says on August 1, 2019 you can go online or to the Albertville Tag Office to pre-order and pay $50 for an Aggie car tag.

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