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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. — The Albertville City Council voted Monday on a proposed one cent sales tax increase.

The increase passed 4-0.

The city gets roughly two and a half percent of the current eight cent sales tax. “The additional revenues, it should bring in approximately three million per year,” said Mayor Tracy Honea.

The city said it would put that additional revenue toward improvements and additions to the sports complex and paving. City leaders say paving is a constant and costly need and the sports complex needs upgrades, but the funding isn’t currently available.

Honea says they looked at other funding options, but believe the proposed tax increase would address both projects in a timely manner. “There’s a master plan that’s been in place for several years, even before our administration came in, and we’ve been trying to work on it,” Honea said.

City leaders want to improve and add to the sports complex, and use the other 70 acres of land the city has available on site. “Racquetball, indoor swimming, splash pad, walking trails, new fields outside that would be geared toward more tournament play,” Honea said of the proposed additions. The plans also include an amphitheater.

Boaz and Guntersville’s sales taxes are at eight percent. Arab’s sales tax increased to nine percent in 2013, and the city has used that additional money since for paving. Now, nearly all of Arab’s streets have been re-paved.

Albertville’s tax increase will go into effect in the next few months.