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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. – As many people know, the state of Alabama does not sell lottery tickets.

According to cashier Cindy Maxwell, she’s had customers flooding into the Fuel City in Hammondville, Alabama every day this week in hopes of winning some big bucks. “People come from so far around to buy lottery tickets and we’re 13 miles from the closest lottery.”

Down I-59, a little further than 13 miles to Trenton, Georgia, is a store where business is booming. “We do appreciate our Alabama friends coming across the line and buying tickets from us,” said gas station owner Cindy Shaw.

“Anytime that it gets up like it is now, like half a billion, sales definitely increase, probably double,” said Shaw.

Georgia residents are not only thankful for the increase in revenue but because it also benefits local students “We’re grateful that we have that for the pre-k program and then for the college students too.”

The debate over bringing a lottery to Alabama continues to be brought up every year but has yet to make any moves in Montgomery. WHNT spoke to many people off camera who hope that one day Alabamians will be able to buy lottery tickets in their home state.