Alabama Farm Credit donates grain bin rescue tube to Hollywood Fire/Rescue

Northeast Alabama

HOLLYWOOD, Ala.- Alabama Farm Credit was in Hollywood Thursday donating an essential tool for rural farmers.

Representatives presented Hollywood Fire and Rescue with the Great Wall of Rescue, which is a grain bin rescue tube.

Here’s how it works: rescuers build the tube around the person trapped in grain and use an auger to pull out the grain from around them, releasing the pressure and allowing crews to get the person out.

This is the third grain bin rescue tube donated to a volunteer fire and rescue team by Alabama Farm Credit but they told New 19 there will be more to come for others in their coverage area.

“The biggest thing is there’s a bunch of grain bins in this area and you know, here recently there’s been a lot of rescues in this area. We’ll be the third department in this county to have one of these and of course, we can all get together if it’s some type of big rescue and help each other. It’s very important to get them out during the rescue part of it. It could be a recovery, it could be a rescue but it’s going to be a big plus for the Hollywood Fire Department,” said Chief Patrick Allen.

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