A war veteran turned law enforcement, but it’s not what you might think

Northeast Alabama
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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. (WHNT) — A war veteran is now serving one of Alabama’s largest counties, but this isn’t quite what you think.

The Hollywood Police Department has been without a very important member of its team for a few weeks – K9 Officer Abi. She had to retire, but not before she helped bring down hundreds of criminals and recovered just as many pounds of drugs.

We brought you her story, and many of you shared and re-shared it on social media.

K9 Officer Abi was a big part of the Hollywood Police Department, and so her gap left some big well, paws to fill. After some searching though, Chief Jason Hepler found a new partner – and this new officer won’t have a problem filling the spot.

Chief Hepler stands beside a black marked patrol vehicle, holding a leash. “Alright, so I’m just going to run him around there,” he says pointing. Then with a click, he opens the door, and a large black and tan dog happily jumps out.

Meet K9 Officer Fox – Fox, well, because he looks like one.

“We got Fox through a grant from K9s4COPs. They’re a non-profit organization,” Chief Hepler explains.

K9 Fox is trained to understand Dutch commands. While a Dutch comprehending dog is pretty neat, K9 Fox has an even better story.

“Fox is a war veteran dog. He actually served three years in Afghanistan, defending and patrolling the bases there, and defending troops and civilian workers,” Chief Hepler says.

K9 Fox has extensive training, making him an even more valuable asset.

“Fox loves to work, so it’s just really great that he’s repurposed and can continue on with what he loves to do,” Chief Hepler says.

It’s probably safe to say, a dog whose job was to keep soldiers safe is ready to take on Jackson County. “He’ll be a valuable asset to our county,” Chief Hepler says.

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