A New Year Brings Changes To The GED Test

Northeast Alabama
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JACKSON CO., Ala. (WHNT) — As students gear up to take the GED test this year, they will notice some changes.

Northeast Alabama Community College has a new computer lab. One of the reasons for the new addition is because of the changes to the GED test. “The main change is we’re going from a paper-based test, to a computer-based test,” says Chad Gorham, program director for the Northeast Alabama Adult Education Program.

That program provides GED test prep to a good part of northeast Alabama. It serves DeKalb, Marshall, and Jackson counties, and a portion of Blount County.

Gorham says with the change from a pencil to a keyboard, they’ve had to re-work their prep classes to train those who don’t know how to use a computer.

Gorham says students prepping for the test can expect another major change that could put a dent in their wallets. The test is going from $50 to $120. However, Gorham says students won’t have to dig that deep all at once. “They can come in and spend $30 and take their math, or come in spend $30 and take their social studies, so they don’t have to spend it all at once.”

There’s also talk of a voucher that would help alleviate some of the cost.

Gorham says the reason for the changes is because of the nature of the test. “Every so often the test will change. I think the last one was 12 years, I believe, before a change,” Gorham says.

He says other changes to the test are students have to pay for it online, they’ll get their scores immediately and the content will be slightly different.

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