Northeast Alabama Community College freezes tuition, fully opens for 2021-2022 term


RAINSVILLE, Ala. – College courses can get expensive so students can really rack up a big bill, but now community colleges across Alabama are freezing tuition prices to help them out.

They will also be opening campuses back up to full operations this fall.

“Every little bit helps,” said Northeast Alabama Community College(NACC) president David Campbell. “Students especially have had a hard time during COVID as far as jobs go. Many of them have lost part-time jobs and are having trouble finding work to support their attending college.”

Campbell told News 19 tuition will stay at $133 per hour which is less than half the cost of tuition at Alabama’s four-year colleges and universities.

He said it is also exciting to have everyone back in a regular routine come Fall.

“This Fall we will certainly be back full blast with a normal schedule. I suspect the way things are going, we’ll still be watching for COVID this Fall, too. We found a lot of students initially when we went online last year, a lot of them were really excited about it and they liked it, but at the same time, I’ve been hearing a lot of them saying ‘I sure wish we could come back to campus’. I think they miss seeing their friends and interacting with teachers,” explained Campbell.

Campbell told News 19 NACC has been fortunate that during the pandemic no faculty or staff tested positive for the coronavirus and the number of students diagnosed with it was low.

“Those that did, we think they got it from off campus,” Campbell added.

Masks are currently still required and may also be required in the Fall, but Campbell said nothing has been set in stone yet.

While there is talk at some four-year universities of requiring students to be vaccinated, that also has not been decided yet by the Alabama Community College System.

“It would be a good thing if everybody did have the vaccine but I don’t know about requiring to have them, but I think the more people that have it the better and safer we all are,” Campbell said.

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