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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – As the weather turns colder, a community comes together to find a missing woman.

60 year-old Wanda Floyd was last seen in July. But people who know her organized the first search for Floyd this weekend. The group waited until now for several reasons.

Floyd is homeless and her family didn’t report her missing until several weeks ago. Then the woman behind this weekend’s search learned one piece of information that turned her concern into action.
And she hopes it spurs law enforcement involvement.

Brenda Hampton has known Wanda Floyd for years.

“I used to feed her. I talked to her. She’s not a drug user. She has a mental problem. Shes on pysch medication but that’s it,” Hampton explained.

Floyd is homeless and hasn’t been seen since July when she left a Decatur hospital.

“That’s where she originally left from. Somebody apparently gave her a ride and she was last seen in Courtland in a black truck with a man no one around here knows,” Hampton said.

Hampton says before Floyd disappeared she hinted at some disturbing events.

“She had been trying to tell some people that some man was trying to sexually assault her,” she said.

Floyd’s family reported her missing to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s office several weeks ago. Hampton says Floyd’s family doesn’t live in North Courtland. After they made the report posters about the woman’s disappearance began being shared on social media.

For months Hampton has wondered what happened to her friend. She says Floyd’s ID and Medicaid card were found on the ground on the corner of Rosa Park Street and Harold Washington.

“I found out from the post office that she hasn’t picked her checks up since July and I know that that was very unusual for Wanda. So I said yeah, it’s time to search,” Hampton explained.

This weekend Hampton organized a community search without the help of law enforcement.
They focused on an abandoned property where Floyd used to stay. She says what they found is concerning.

She says they found her clothes behind the house and an old shovel. They also discovered a single shoe she believes is hers. This sneaker we found. I had given her a low top Nike,” Hampton stated.

“We also went through the woods here after getting this smell and it’s all grown up as you can see so we’re going to need some four wheelers and possibly some dogs to find out what is this smell over here that the neighbors have been complaining about,” she said.

That smell is leading her to fear the worst.

The fear is it could be her. She’s been missing six months.

Next weekend Hampton plans to search the area again, this time with ATVs and she also hopes with the help of law enforcement.

An official with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office says they did not know about the search this past weekend. Chief Samlin says it is his understanding that Floyd was last seen in Decatur, but since she was a resident of Lawrence County they wanted to help find her.

Hampton and others say they’d like to see the North Courtland Police Department also get involved in the case based on that same principle, helping a neighbor.

News 19 reached out to city officials today who said we’d have to talk to the police chief about that.
We’re still waiting to hear back from him.