North Alabama man speaks out after experiencing effects of post office backlogs


ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – The United States Postal Service cites this week as the busiest all season, and one Albertville resident is feeling the effects of that added strain.

Albertville resident Will Smith has been waiting for and tracking a priority mail package since December 8th. He says he’s tried reaching out to the post office and Birmingham’s distribution center, but no luck.

“It’s just sitting there in Huntsville. I’m in Albertville, 45 minutes away, I could’ve walked back and forth several times by now,” he said.

Smith says he’s watched over the past few months as many of his deliveries are delayed, and he’s not the only one. The United States Postal Service has seen an unprecedented number of shipments throughout the pandemic as more people stay at home.

Add on top of that the already busiest time of the year for shipping, the holidays; that leaves the USPS faced with backlogs throughout the country, including North Alabama.

“Mail to Huntsville originating in Huntsville also with the destination to Huntsville goes to Birmingham,” USPS Alabama & South Florida Districts Communications’ Debbie Fetterly said.

Birmingham’s distribution center is one facing backlog issues, but Fetterly said they have taken the proper steps to address those backlogs not only there, but across the country. Hiring seasonal employees, extending delivery hours, and transferring those existing employees from areas under control, to those plagued by backlog.

“More employees sorting the mail, more employees delivering the mail, more folks who transport the mail. More trucks, more vehicle operators that go throughout the state so everything is under control but it’s just going to take a little bit to get right back to where we were,” she said.

Smith stated he just hopes to get his package soon, as he is beginning to worry it has been misplaced.

“What makes me mad is the paying the money. You’re paying good money for a guarantee of 2-3 days when here’s a week and it’s still not here,” he said.

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