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Pictures on social media paint the picture of happy couple — a solid family being raised in the small town of Trinity.  It’s a stark contrast to the chilling discovery in a Cincinnati hospital that now has the small Alabama town in a national spotlight.

The Landers family had been dealing with a sick baby for months.  They traveled from Trinity to Ohio for their daughter’s treatment.  There was even a Gofundme account set up to help with medical expenses.  That page has since come down in the wake of Wednesday’s events, which left the mother dead and the father behind bars.

It also leaves a baby and another young child without their parents.

Wesley and Mary Ann Landers (Photo: Family Baptist Church, Trinity, AL)
Wesley and Mary Ann Landers (Photo: Family Baptist Church, Trinity, AL)

Friday, Trinity resident Wesley Landers faced a judge in an Ohio courtroom, facing a number of charges after losing his wife just hours earlier.

Landers, 32, and his 31-year-old wife Mary Ann were visiting their 7-month-old daughter who was a patient at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Officials say medical staff came into the room and found Mrs. Landers on the floor — dead.  Wesley Landers was locked in the bathroom unconscious.  Once they broke through the door, they found him with a heroin needle in his arm with more on the sink, and a gun in his pocket, according to police.

He had to be revived.  The overdoses, and where they occurred, stir concerns over drug use.

“This is a sad statement on our society when it is becoming such a commonplace thing that you are hearing about victims that are overdosing in all sorts of public locations,” said Lakshmi Sammarco, the Hamilton County, Ohio Coroner.

“The addiction is strong once they got the needle in their hand they’re going to do it.  We just stopped a car about two hours, they were loading up a needle while driving,” said Chief Tom Synan of the Hamilton County, Ohio Heroin Task Force.

Chief Synan said if the drug dealer is located, they could face manslaughter charges.

Wesley Landers faces charges for drug possession, carrying a concealed weapon, and having a weapon under disability.  In other words, he was not legally allowed to carry the firearm because of an earlier conviction.

Most of the Landers’ loved ones are on their way to Cincinnati to be with the baby.