Non-profit TESA raises funds to purchase building

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala — Temporary Emergency Services of Arab, or TESA, might have to close its doors for unless the community acts fast.

The non-profit organization’s current building is being sold soon and TESA’s store manager says they want to buy it outright. “Our building is going up for sale on November 30th and so we are trying to raise the funding to buy the building,” says Crystal Scott.

Because the deadline is under 2 months, Scott says the need for funds is urgent. The owners are selling the building, whether TESA has the money or not.

“Well, if we don’t raise the money, we will have to close or find another building,” says Scott.

The customers of TESA say their impact in Marshall County is immense. “They have blessed me and my family, helping me get my life back together,” says Susan Wilkerson. “They’re the biggest thing we’ve got right here that’s helped us.”

People from all over Marshall County come to TESA to find items such as clothes, shoes, food, and sometimes even funds for necessities when someone is in need. Sometimes, its the customers finding an opportunity to give back. “I volunteered up here and I’ve helped a lot of people I know and that gives me a lot of comfort to know that I’ve helped people that needed it,” says Wilkerson.

Now, you have the chance to help too.

“If we would have to move or find another building, it wouldn’t be the same,” says Scott. “Everybody knows where TESA is and what we do, and what we help people with, and it would just be a devastation really, to have to move.”

If you would like to donate to help TESA keep their building, you can visit them in Downtown Arab at 165 North Main Street.

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