HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Nine months after the last update from the Von Braun Center (VBC), findings from an investigation into a partial ceiling collapse at Propst Arena still haven’t been released.

Wednesday marked one year to the day that Huntsville Havoc hockey fans and visitors at Big Spring Park heard a sudden bang from the arena’s southeast exterior on April 27, 2021.

Just minutes from the start of pregame festivities that brought in thousands of playoff hockey fans, and just across the street from pedestrians at Big Spring Park, much of the outdoor seating deck under the Bud Light Lounge came crashing down without warning.

It immediately sparked an internal investigation with the Von Braun Center and its insurance company. Initial findings in May 2021 pointed to “a contractor deviating from the architectural drawings when the installation was made in 2010,” a VBC statement said.

Citing an abundance of caution, the VBC blocked access to the area and removed all similar structural components installed by the contractor that year, while the rest of the building was deemed safe.

In July 2021, Lexington Insurance and its own structural engineer were still reviewing the collapse in their own investigation. But now, nine months later – the VBC still has not announced an update to that investigation.

Meanwhile, much of the bare awning that collapsed is still visible from nearby public sidewalks.

News 19 has repeatedly reached out to the VBC for an update to the investigation in recent days and months, but has not heard back.