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HEARD COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – A grieving mother received a knock at her door that has changed the trajectory of her life forever.

“I have these two precious grandboys, you know that’s all I got left in this world. I don’t know, I just dread them hearing about their mom.” Elaine Gordon, Natalie Jones’ mother said.

According to The Heard County Sheriff’s Office, they received a phone called around 4:30 p.m. from a land owner saying they found a hot pink car. Authorities say when they arrived at the location it was indeed Natalie Jones’ car.  No one had seen or heard from Jones in more than three months.

“There was speculation that the guy that was doing the clearing, said the car was not there yesterday morning and then he got back home yesterday evening the car was there, that’s not true at all. “said Sheriff Ross Henry. “The car was clearly there the vegetation that had grown up around the car, you can tell that weeds had grown through the wheels and the bumper, its clearly been there a long time. “

Sheriff Henry says they located a cell phone inside of the car, and the unidentified body was in the front seat. He said at this time they don`t suspect any foul play. 

“It’s been three months now and  we are just thankful that we found her, we were hoping for a better outcome and of course that’s not the case.” Sheriff Henry said. “And now we just need to pray and support the family and try to found out answers as to what happen to Natalie.”