No 90° Days In May: What The World Looked Like Last Time That Happened


Typically, May is the month Huntsville marks it’s first day at 90°. Some years we hit 90° earlier, but at least in recent years, it’s been fairly rare to enter the month of June without a 90° day.

Some data on when we have historically hit 90° in Huntsville

We’ve done that this year though! While Muscle Shoals was able to hit 91° on May 25th, Huntsville was only able to 88° on May 24th and 25th. The reason? A couple of cut off upper lows in the Central and Eastern U.S. that helped keep things cooler, cloudier, and rainier than normal through the second half of the month. The last time this happened was 2003, when George W. Bush was President, the biggest movie of the year was Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King, and Everybody Loves Raymond was still on TV! I suspect it won’t take us too much longer before we hit 90°. The absolute latest it’s taken to hit 90° in Huntsville since 1970 is June 25, and the pattern we’re in could support a 90° day as early as this week.

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– Alex Puckett
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