New York massive power outages darkens homes, streets and subway stations

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(CNN) — Tens of thousands of people were without power in Manhattan on Saturday evening, ConEdison said.

Of the 42,000 customers without power in New York, most of them were in Midtown Manhattan and the Upper West Side, the utility company said.

The city’s fire department was responding to numerous transformer fires, the first of which occurred in Manhattan on West 64th Street and West End Avenue, officials said.

The outage was having a widespread effect, with the New York subway system also experiencing power outages in its stations, the agency managing the trains said.

“We’re working to identify causes and keep trains moving,” the Metropolitan Transportation Authority tweeted.

The outages were affecting “multiple lines,” the MTA said. It told one Twitter user there were extensive delays on many lines.

The lack of power was a major issue on the streets and in buildings, too.

A CNN producer on the Upper West Side said he was at a movie when the theater went dark at about 7 p.m. He went outside and saw traffic and street lights were out. Traffic was jamming up in intersections but it wasn’t gridlocked, he said.

Twitter user Sahid Abraham posted a photo from Times Square that showed some of the famous electronic billboards dark.

Another user posted a photo showing a man at 66th Street and Broadway directing traffic.

The outages come 42 years to the day of an extensive blackout that affected much of the city.

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