As we ring in the New Year, let’s take a look at what we have experienced in the past. For the Huntsville area, the warmest high on the first day of the New Year is a tie between 2022 and 1952 when the high reached 79 degrees. When looking at the coldest temperatures, it is a tie between the years 2010 and 2001 when the high temperature struggled to reach the mid-20s.

When we take a look at precipitation, there was a year that Huntsville and other areas of the region observed snowfall. This occurred in 1940 when 2.5 inches were recorded. When it comes to rainfall, the most observed on record was 3.48 inches in 2011.

Comparison Of 2022 VS. 2023

This first day of 2023 will start off much quieter than the first day of 2022. This year the Weather Authority have temperatures forecast to warm into the mid to upper 60s. With temperatures this warm, although below the record, it will be nearly 15 degrees above average. Along with the mild temperatures, we will enjoy the sunshine and dry conditions.

First Week Of The New Year

While the first day of the new year will start quiet, active weather will quickly return Monday and Tuesday. A strong cold front will track through the region, leading to a line of rain and storms for our area. With environmental parameters in place, there will be the threat of strong to severe storms developing.

As of Saturday evening, the main threats we will need to monitor are damaging straight-line winds and heavy rainfall. With a saturated environment in place, rainfall totals between 1 to 1.5 inches possibly leading to the potential of isolated flash flooding. While the main threat is damaging winds, an isolated tornado can’t be ruled out.