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WARNING: This story contains graphic details of alleged sexual and physical abuse.

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, Fla. (WKRG) — A New Orleans man was arrested on sexual battery charges after allegedly sodomizing a woman with a mop, beating her and dumping bleach all over her, according to a report.

Escambia County police received a call about the victim being beaten and chemically burned by bleach. The victim said that on Aug. 1, Rodney Wayne Hunt, 51, was acting erratic, saying he was upset she would not “do drugs with him.” She then said Hunt forced her to ingest a “meth pill,” and then splashed her with mop water on the back patio near the laundry room.

According to the report, the victim said Hunt splashed bleach in her face, then proceeded to pour the whole bottle of bleach on her, burning her skin where her clothes touched. Hunt then grabbed the mop and hit her in the face numerous times. The report said Hunt then made her get undressed and perform a “monkey walk,” in the backyard near the patio. The victim stated Hunt verbally degraded her and hit her multiple times with the mop and his fist. According to the report, the victim stated Hunt shoved the end of the mop handle inside of her anus, then forced her to scrub her genitals until they were raw on camera.

Then, the victim stated Hunt shaved parts of her head during the incident in the backyard and hit her genitals multiple times with a “stick” causing severe soreness and discomfort. Hunt told her to make up a story and tell the cops a “man in a red truck” caused the injuries, according to the report.

After leaving the residence, the victim said she slept in the woods. Upon returning to the residence the next morning, Aug. 2, to “get some sleep,” Hunt refused to let her enter, the victim said. She then left to get help, when a passerby called 911 for her.

While on the scene, the deputy noticed several injuries on the victim consistent with the physical altercation she described. The Special Victim’s Unit was notified and responded to the location.

According to the report, during the transport of Hunt to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, the deputy observed possible bleach stains on his shirt.

Hunt admitted to battering the victim with a mop handle multiple times, in the report, and he also provided statements that supported the victim’s claim that he poured bleach on her causing the injury. Based on the injuries, the report said the victim is likely to have permanent disfigurement of her skin due to the bleach.

Hunt was booked into Escambia County Jail early Wednesday morning and is being held on a $105,000 bond.