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NEW MARKET, Ala. – Spring is in the air, and with it, the grand opening of a family-owned flower farm in New Market.

“He’s a dreamer, but I mean, you can see it worked,” Hubert Farms co-owner Kaylee Hubert. She’s referring to her husband, Seth, who had the idea to turn their farm from row crops to tulips.

More than 200,000 tulips hand planted in preparation for the Hubert Family Tulips grand opening.

A line of cars formed quickly to pick those tulips, just a few minutes after being open for business; another 16,000 responses to the event on Facebook.

“I think it turned out pretty well for a guy that didn’t know a thing about a tulip,” co-owner Seth Hubert said.

Seth Hubert is a fourth-generation farmer on the same land in Madison County, but until now, he had never grown tulips.

“Farms in Madison County are really fighting to survive with development, so that’s one thing that pushed me toward another avenue because if you’re going to survive in Madison County you’ve got to really diversify,” Seth said.

He estimates there is not another tulip farm like theirs in at least 100 miles.

“It’s unique, it’s different, its something new, it’s very springy,” customer Kristin Bloom said.

Hubert’s ingenuity isn’t just helping their small business. Bloom is a local photographer. She said clients have already booked her in anticipation of the farm’s opening.

“I’ve actually had more people book these sessions and I even have a waiting list with tulips than I had even with Christmas trees or other popular photography seasons,” Bloom said.

For the next six weeks, it’s going to be all tulips, all the time. When that ends, the farm doesn’t have any plans to shut down, just evolve.

We want it to be ultimately just a lifestyle. We want the tulips, then we’re going to have the sunflowers in the summer. We’re going to look at doing a few cool things during the Fall. So we want this to be a year-round something going on that people can come to all the time,” Kaylee said.

The Hubert’s say their farm will be open 7 days a week for the rest of the season. To learn more, click here.