New Madison County Schools program gives more students laptop access

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Madison County Schools has made a big investment in some new technology: Laptops.

The district invested $1.48 million to purchase the laptops, $169,000  to buy the carts and another $150,000 to implement the program called Tech Connect.

Miranda Smith is an AP Literature teacher at Madison County High School and she uses Google technology daily in her classroom.

“Google has an unlimited amount of apps and extensions just for educators to be able to model writing instruction,” she said.

Smith said getting access to laptops hasn’t been easy. “In the past, it’s been stressful to reserve these Chromebooks ahead of time and plan out lessons and have it detailed.”

But now that will soon change. The high school will now go from having around 75 laptops to having 300.

“I think it’s going to bring down our stress level quite a bit to know that we have that accessibility, to know that we don’t have to worry about it being used by somebody else,” said Smith.

High School senior Megan Watkins says the payoff is priceless. “Having a laptop means access to more resources,” she said.

She will use the new technology to help her achieve success. “My goal is to actually go to Auburn, so I just applied there and then I would like to get my degree or undergraduate in business administration and then work for the federal government,” Watkins said.

Not only will students be able to use these new laptops in the classroom, but they can check them out to use at home as well.

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